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Product Name: Acetic GP silicone sealant JY823
CAS No: Mixture
Product Type: Adhesives
Product spec: Fast cure general purpose RTV silicone sealant
Packing: 300ml/pcs, 24pcs/carton
Post Time: 2018-09-27
Usage:  Watertight sealing & caulking the glazed application.  Perimeter seal of door, windows, aluminum alloy, ceramic & other building materials.  Bonding and/or Jointing the interior & exterior decoration.
Description:  Good unprimed adhesion to many substrates like glass, aluminum-alloy. (Substrate testing should carries out first.)  Good weatherability, resistance to uv, rain, ozone, temperature extremes, etc.  Easy-to-apply, fast cure.  Non-sag, paste consistency, discoloring.
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